Practice Test

As I continue to practice for the 8th KYU Yellow Belt test, one concept that stands out is the coordination of breathing with the flow of your technique, whether its Oi Zuke or Shuto Uke, the timing has to be just right. Your core and stability are probably just as important if not more. Let me explain, for example, in the Shuto Uke, the arm is the tool and the core or hips are really the weapon in the entire technique. As the arm unfolds and whips around the upper torso, the real block and force stems from the core and bracing of your lower legs.


Karate Do: My Way of Life

I finished reading Gichin Funakoshi’s Karate Do: My way of life last night. It was a great read and a must if you are training in Shotokan. It was written in the last few years of his life with some real poignant lessons; when doing Kata envision your opponents during every move, live a life of moderation, and be humble in your accomplishments and Karate prowess. And the journey continues…

Cruz’s Journey in Shotokan

In this blog, I will document my journey in Shotokan and the trials and tribulations of training vis-a-vis Global Martial Arts University. First and foremost, if you are also training in Shotokan, for that matter, Krav Maga, Bo, or any other martial art, please read on the founder(s), history, and/or anything that pertains to the subject. So, with that said, I bought Karate-Do: My Way of Life, by Gichin Funakoshi, the man recognized for spreading Karate to mainland Japan. It’s a great read so far from the man that shaped one of the most practiced martial art in the world.